How could anyone not love San Francisco!

Growing up in south San Francisco in the late 60’s and early 70’s may not have been a great time, especially being a kid.  However once you got past any seedy neighborhoods, who could not love SF!   The city is simply gorgeous!

Now with the Old becoming New, it just might be even more beautiful now!  To say I had a good visit to SF is an understatement!   I just love that city.  Even for one as Grumpy as I who hates people, I could easily see myself living there!   I guess all I have to do now is win the Lottery so that I can afford it!

One of the many highlights of the visit was cruising up and down Market on the F-line.   Traveled uptown on the Philadelphia PCC and back on Cincinnati  Streetcar.   These old streetcars have been refurbished to be like new! It was a fun experience!   My wife had never been on one and it had been years for me.

We then drove down the Embarcadaro towards the bay bridge and stopped under it so we could walk back and see the old Hills Brothers Coffee Building.   What a beautiful old brick building over looking the bay.    Across the street was a fire station that house an engine and two fire boats!  All at the foot of the bay bridge!

After that we drove by one of my favorite newer buildings AT&T park!   🙂Hills Bros1 hills Bros2 Hills Bros3 Hills_Bros_Coffee_1940_AAC-7040

What an amazing weekend.