Sadly not a whole lot.   Last couple of weeks have had me busy with things that have been keeping me away from my train.   Also a lack of funds has also hampered adding anything new!

That changed a little today, I found 5 freight cars on ebay that I hope to have soon.  Adding freight cars is going to be an on going search I can imagine, but I have nothing but time right??

So I was thinking over the weekend while I was out of town about making some changes to the layout before I get into making things “Permanent”.  I am thinking about adding one more bench for my industry, and to allow for longer runs on the main line.  Good thing is I have plenty of turnouts and curves, I just need to get some more straight track and build another bench!

oh yea….the HEAT is coming, supposed to be over 100 for the next 3 days…that might keep me out of the garage too,  I need to find a cheap way to keep my “cave” cool!! lol

More to come……