So when I made room in the garage in the spring for my layout, I knew it was going to get hot,  but I hoped it wouldn’t get so hot that it kept me out of the garage.   Sadly it did!

This weekend though I made myself get out into the garage to play.

I was not happy with the my layout, and really not happy with the foam that I had purchased to lay the track on, a combination of Styrofoam and small pieces of extruded foam.   So I ripped it all off this weekend and tossed on some 1/4″ plywood.   This gave me a flat uniform space to work on.   So far I am liking it a LOT better!  Not only does it look better, the trains run a lot smoother.

I am once again motivated to get out and work. Far from complete, I really like where the layout is going.   (Apologies for poor video)

Wish List:

A/C for my garage!!

DCC for the layout and connect both tracks.

Add to my Super Chief collection.

A few more freight cars.