3 days away from work and plenty of time to relax in the garage.  Well until it got too warm out there that is.  September is here, but 100 degree temps are still with us.

I am getting to the point where I am really enjoying the layout,  minor tweak here and there,  but I am really enjoying what I am seeing right now.   I am now going to start to slowly moving on artistic details, which are clearly not my thing.  However I am having fun with it.

I am loving the upper section that the trolley runs on.  This was a pure after thought, but since that is what got me into the crazy hobby in the first place, I have to  show it off a little.  Along with making it an urban section,  I decided that I am going to add a school with a small baseball field on it.  I thought that would be fun on a small scale.   Still waiting for my most recent purchase to show up (a new trolley).