Today I thought I would get out of the house and go on a little railroad adventure.   I jumped on the San Joaquin 703 in Hanford and headed north to Sacramento. Very pleasant ride going north,  lots of great scenery!

I got to the museum just before 1:00 which gave me plenty of time to get around before having to catch my return train.

A little over a year ago when I started started this addiction with trains,  my favorites were the early diesels trains,  the Santa Fe Super Chief was my first model train.  Those along with F-Line streetcars were my favorite.   Now,  the more I follow them, Im gaining a greater appreciation for steam trains!    The California State Railroad Museum is a great place to see a little of everything!    I took too many photos to post in one blog post, but I will post a few of my favorites here.

IMG_0553 IMG_0560IMG_0577 IMG_0579 IMG_0582 IMG_0583 IMG_0584 IMG_0589 IMG_0590 IMG_0593 IMG_0595 IMG_0597 IMG_0598