I woke up Monday morning knowing I wanted to get out of the valley,  I needed to get out into some clean air.   I had two choices,   head to the coast,  or head to the mountains.       We decided on the mountains.

Jumped in the car and started heading East on 198.   Have to say before we got to Visalia, we were a bit nervous,  the air quality was already so bad.  We kept driving!    As we got into the foothills the air started to get a little better,  and by the time we reached 3 rivers it was just perfect.    We grabbed some breakfast at  the Gateway Restaurant and Lodge and watched the ducks play in the river while we ate.

After breakfast we drove into the Sequoia National Park.  The road in was nice and smooth,  windy,  but I did my best to be mellow since I did not want to get my co-pilot sick!   We stopped several times so I could let her get out and take some pics.  Morro Rock

Back in the car we started driving up the mountain until we reached The Giant Forest Museum . We visited the museum for a bit, then headed off for a walk through these amazing trees.   Below are some of the amazing Giants that we spent the day with.

grove and meadow

We spent close to an hour hear,  walking the trails and admiring these amazing trees!

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