Waking early to catch a train was never going to be a problem with us, I am always up early. Luckily we left early to the train station in SLO. After arriving I went into the train station to try to figure out the parking situation. There was NO long term parking, the station agent suggested parking on the street if I cold find a spot where there were no “No Parking Signs”.   I ended up finding a spot about ½ mike away.   Luckily it was right along the track and there was a path back.


Once boarding the Pacific Surfliner we were all able to stretch out and relax for our 8-hour journey to San Diego. As the train began to roll out the sun began to rise and we started to enjoy the beautiful views of the pacific coast. A good part of the train route between SLO and Ventura was right on the edge overlooking the ocean. The weather had cleared giving us amazing views of the surf, the beaches, the mountains to the west and as we got down near Santa Barbara, the Channel Islands.

leaving SLO

The first couple hours of our adventure were awesome, the 4 of us we mostly alone in our carriage, but as we moved south continued to pick up more and more people, before we got to LA our carriage was almost full.   I was actually amazed by how many actually chose this means of transportation!   When we got to Anaheim, Scott board the train!


Two hours later we arrived in Old Town San Diego. A short walk to our hotel where we began to settle in.

We had already decided where we were going to have dinner, and since we were all hungry we decided to walk over to Old Town and go straight too Rockin Baja Lobster, or as I said on the entire trip, Rockem Sockem Lobster. We heard the place was fun and had good music, and we were not let down one bit. We had so much fun on this Christmas night, the food was amazing as was the live music being played, it might as well have been Carlos Santana since he played so many of his songs.


Day one was a blast!   Such a wonderful Christmas spent with the family,  we only wish Matthew could be here with us!!   I cannot wait to see what day two brings!!