So I need to start this post by stating that I am mad at myself for not getting to the Sequoia’s sooner.   I’ve lived in California all of my life, and lived in the central valley for the last 15 years,  and it wasn’t until Last Summer that I made my first trip.

The entrance to the park is literally one hour from my house, and its about another hour, depending on traffic and how many stops you want to make before you are in the Giant Forest!

Today’s trip was spit of the moment, all I had with me was my camera!  Luckily I had a sweatshirt in the back seat.    When I got to Three Rivers, CA  Just west of the park Entrance the temp was in the upper 60’s and very sunny.     An hour later it would be 41 degree’s under dark sky’s and snow all over!    It was Fantastic!

I do need more of these day trips!   Always looking for suggestions!