Todays day trip brought us to Kings Canyon National Park!    3 National Parks in 8 days!!  Go to love Central California!   Such  quick and easy day trip,  we left the house at 7:00 am,  were up there in less than two hours with no traffic on the roads at all.

We went straight to General Grants Tree.  Situated in a wonderful grove of amazing sequoias! If you have not been to this location, I’d suggest you get there early like we did to beat the crowds, or even better get there in the early spring when the crowds are light!  For those that don’t know me,  I do not like crowds! haha

We then went to Overlook,  looking out over Kings Canyon and the Sequoia National Forest.  Amazing views from high up on the mountain.    Snow was still on the ground, but it was still an amazing morning.

On the way home we stopped and took lots of pics of Cheryl’s favorite Poppy’s!  Then we stopped for lunch at the Bear Mountain Pizza!!  🙂