Glacier Point opened a couple of weeks back and I have been itching to get back up there, all I needed was some free time.    Today was the day I had some free time.  I knew I would wake early, as I always do.  This morning however I was up even earlier,  before 3:00.   I packed everything up last night so I would be ready, so when I woke up I just got up and left.

I arrived at Glacier Point at 5:15,   the sky were already brightening up, no flash light required.   As I got out of the car I put on my sweatshirt and jacket. I had checked my weather app which said it was 28 degrees in the valley.   I got out of the car to feel the brisk breeze….maybe 20 MPH.   It was COLD!!  haha However it was so worth it.   There were just a handful of people up there at that crazy hour!  Yes,  People were there with the same idea I had, to shoot photos!

4-30-16 Yosemite-12

4-30-16 Yosemite-4

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