Anyone that  knows me knows that I am a bit obsessive.   This blog started with my love of trains, which I still have.   It has since evolved into several other things I love;  traveling and more recently photography.   The cool thing about all of these things is they can all fit together nicely!    My love of traveling and trains can be easily documented with my new obsession, my camera!

I still have a lot to learn with with photography.   I am far from mastering this new toy,  but am eager to learn.  I’ve got a series of online courses that I will be taking in the month of May,  that along with just getting out to Shoot on a regular basis will only help me improve.

I went to Yosemite this past weekend, just about a month after my last visit, and I am already seeing improvement in my photos in the camera, but I am still not satisfied with where they are just yet.   That being said, I am loving my time getting out on these little adventures and seeing myself grow each time I pick up my camera.

4-30-16 Yosemite-12

Glacier Point around 5:30 am Sat April 30th.