I am pretty sure I am not quite done, because I just love live music.  However after last night I am surely going to be a lot more choosey about WHO I go see and WHERE.

My wife and I were both very excited early this year when we found out one of our favorite singers would be at the California Mid State Fair in Paso Robles! We were lucky enough to see the Eagles just over a year ago,  so to be able to see Don Henley solo,  we were both VERY excited!

Now for the bad.

The Venue at the Mid State Fair is easily the worst I have ever been too!   I cannot get over how bad our seats were.  I would say a 3rd of the seats in the venue had bad views or like ours completely obstructed!


Also about the venue,  knowing it was the fair and many would be bringing their cameras, I checked the sites website (smart right?) where it states in their FAQs:

12.Can I take pictures during the concerts?  Personal cameras are allowed, but professional cameras are not. Audio and video recording is strictly prohibited.

Shortly after this last photo was taken behind the stage,  THE ONLY good view that I had all night, I was harassed by venue staff who told me I had to put my camera away or would be thrown out.   I quickly put it away.

As the concert started, I was completely distracted by the 50 some yellow shirts (Event Security) walking throughout the crowd making people put away their cameras and phones.   It was the weirdest concert I have ever been too.

I understand the camera phones can be distracting,  but when WE are paying the $$Money that we are paying for you to put on your show,  we should be given a little freedom as long as we are not disturbing anyone!     I am TIRED of giving my money to Artists who think they are better than their crowd!    WE are the ones giving you our money,  you should really be a lot more appreciative!   Sorry Don Henley,  we won’t be seeing you on your next tour!