Day Trippin Photography

So this weekend we took a trip up to Lake Shasta for a family reunion!  Sadly there was NO room in Sport (our Sportage) to bring along the stool.    So I needed to improvise a little.

For those who have not seen this blog,  or haven’t seen why I am doing this.  I am working on my photography skills and trying to get myself more and more comfortable taking portraits.  So I found a fun way to make me comfortable and hopefully have some fun shooting portraits.

My two subjects for the weekends were two of my favorite nieces, Sierra and Marissa.

First up was Marissa:

What is your Dream vacation Destination?    Greece.

What was your first concert?    Taylor Swift

What is your dream car?      a white lifted Jeep Wrangler.

Next up,  is the niece we are probably the closest too since we spent so…

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