Hello friends! I am starting another project,  one that I actually feel pretty good about.   As a lot of you have noticed I have been taking a lot more portraits!  I love taking them, especially as I become more comfortable behind the camera.   My goal with this project is constant improvement.

The project is like a 365 day project,  but I am not going to get myself stressed out if I do not take a photo everyday,  rather just take 365 portraits for as long as it takes me.  I recently cleaned out my garage so I have a place to shoot anytime, but I also would like to visit people in the real world wherever they are.

I would love to have you follow my Portrait Project – Follow me on https://www.instagram.com/coachmikevb22/   or https://www.tumblr.com/blog/mikes365portraitproject

If you live in or around Kings County and would like to be considered as a subject, please send an email to michael.e.mendoza222@gmail.com with the following your contact information (cell phone and email)

The image below is #1 of the series!    I love that I have Cheryl to take photos of,  however I do need many more subjects so if you are interested let me know!   🙂

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