Grumpy Railroad

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Grumpy Railroad

Not sure exactly why I began to obsess about model trains?   I think now though the timing is perfect. My boys are for the most part grown up,   two are out of the house, and two are getting close to moving out. The house is getting a lot quieter, and my lovely wife has been encouraging me to not watch as much TV.   The only “hobbies” I have had over the years haven’t really been hobbies, I play and coach volleyball.     Now as I am “pushing” the big 50, even that is not the same.

Model trains seem to be the perfect thing for me to get into now.   I knew also that I was going to be coming into some un-budgeted cash flow.   So over the course of the last two months I have done a tone of research and more or less kicked around ideas!   I knew a few things.   One, I knew that with limited knowledge, and without any friends into this hobby, that I was NOT going to bite off more than I could chew.   I started to dream about what kind of trains I wanted to run. I also knew that with limited space and limited overall budget, I wanted to get into n-scale. N-scale seemed to be a way to get lots of train and track into a small area.

So payday finally arrived, I decided on the product that I wanted, then went out and started purchasing trains and track.

I then set out for the local hardware store, purchased a mater saw and compressor so I can start building some bench work.   Now the wife is envisioning other work around the house with these tools!

Yesterday my train and a ton of track arrived at my door. My wife was a bit surprised at how small the trains are, but I reassured her that it would all look better once it was up on the bench work and had some scenery with it! What I purchased was the Kato Super Chief started set, along with a ton of extra track.   I really liked the look of this train, and always imagined my layout in the time frame of the Santa Fe Super Chief.   I will post some pictures and possibly videos as soon as I have them.

Why Grumpy Railroad??    Well I am not very creative,  however I am often called Grumpy so I thought it would be perfect for now!


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